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anyone tech minded,when i am writing out blogs /answers /questions i get writing h any buttonsaway then look up and all my words are in the wrong order so i have to delete and start again i make effort not to touch any buttons see above what i mean what can be causing this problem the shop wants £40 just to look at the problem GRrrrrrrrrr



Is it a laptop Snoop?

8 Jun, 2014


Are you hitting the left click button instead of the space bar? I keep doing it and it sends the cursor to a previous part of the sentence which comes out all wrong (does that make sense?) They are sensitive. I also hit something which reduces the screen to the size of a peanut and I have trouble getting it back to normal.

8 Jun, 2014


Photo of yo hanging from the ceiling please!

8 Jun, 2014


Sticky Keys may be enabled Press Shift key 5 times in a row or Press Ctrl + Alt> then Shift key once or more as needed.

8 Jun, 2014


Let us know if it works Snoop.

8 Jun, 2014


can't wait...

Steve that's very clever.

9 Jun, 2014

How do I say thanks?

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