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Clematis ID please?
This Clematis emerged from below the ground 2 years ago, no label. Having protected it from slugs etc, it finally came into flower some 2 weeks ago. Most flowers have 7 petals, although one clearly has 8. Can anyone please tell me what it is? Wondering if it's an Ernest Markham. Thanks.

2014_06_08_13.16.29 2014_06_09_20.42.55



Yes, it could be, it has the same characteristics - sepals and buff stamens.

10 Jun, 2014


Could it be Rebecca?.... I bought one recently for a more shaded area and it is blooming beautifully

10 Jun, 2014


Bit too early for it to be Ernest Markham, that's a viticella group one - trouble is, there are so many varieties now, but this looks like one that has large flowers May and June and smaller flowers around September. Something like Barbara Dibley? That's petunia red and has eight sepals, though if you look on line, you could be forgiven for thinking its pink...

10 Jun, 2014


Thanks for replies. Flowers are 5-6 inches diameter. Plenty more buds waiting to open too. There are also 3 more clematis around, without labels thriving and waiting to flower. Quite exciting to see how they'll look... :-)

10 Jun, 2014

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