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By Nanjo

WITNEY, United Kingdom Gb

Could someone shed some light on this for me please? My friend & I bought ourselves what was supposed to be a Fuchsia called Shrimp Cocktail but what we have is nothing like the picture let alone a Fuchsia. What are they ?

Sdc17007 Sdc17009 Sdc17006



Looks like a Fuchsia with unopened flower heads. Perhaps you should give it a little more time to develop in its pot.

11 Jun, 2014


It does look like a fuchsia to me too. though the flowers look like they have been arrested in development. perhaps they got chilled in their early developmental satge.
keep well watered and the later blooms should be ok.

if then they are still not right to it back to where you bought it and complain.

11 Jun, 2014


Yes a fuchsia but think to deep a colour for shrimp cocktail.

Very healthy plant though.

But if it's not what you thought you had bought contact the seller.

I bought 7 red upright geraniums for my new wall planters and when they bloomed they were pink.

I emailed the nursery to let them know I was disappointed it turned out that they had arrived to them with wrong labels .

They replaced and told me to also keep the pink ones.

So have put pink ones in my back raiser bed not worried about overwintering the pink as not to keen on them.

But I do want to overwinter the nice red ones.

Good luck.

11 Jun, 2014


Thanks for your help on this one, I was surprised by the 'flowers' which seem very odd but I will wait to see if they sort themselves out. They were only £1.99 from Aldi so won't worry too much and if they stay like this they're different anyway.

11 Jun, 2014

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