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Help with seedling ID ,please..
These were sown by our four year old Grandson,rather heavily,as you will notice :o) The packet just said mixed summer flowers...Possibly the smallest ones,are either Pansies or Viola's,but I have no idea on the others..I need...with or without his help,to transplant some, ASAP..It might be a long shot,but I hope you are able to help..
thank you in advance..




one lobed type leaf bottom right looks like poached egg plant [limnanthes]or nemophilia
tall one with red veins possibly Clarkia/Godeti
middle edge right looks like the tip is '2 fingers' Nigella, love in a mist
tall slim one just off centre back Cornflower

only guesses but similar to what I have grown over the years.
does the seed packet not say what is in the mix?

11 Jun, 2014


Looks like the shake and rake bee friendly seeds a neighbour has growing in their garden but I wouldn't like to try and identify them all!

11 Jun, 2014


Cor thats a hard one! The tall one in the middle could be clarkia (spelling), the serrated leaf on the right front could be French marigold, there are a couple of poppy looking seedlings middle left and what could be a forget me not to the right of the clarkia but who knows for sure?

11 Jun, 2014


Thanks everyone,for your help..All the ones you have mentioned,will be welcome..All is says on the packet,is Summer long flowering mix..Sow where you want them to grow..and this is where he wanted them ! :o)
I will prick some of the similar type ones into another pot,and take it from least it's got him interested,as he wants to check on them every time he comes..Unless I have sown seeds myself,I'm not that good at identification..Hopefully,I will be able to show you the results before long..thanks again..

11 Jun, 2014

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