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My grandson showed interest in growing vegetables, so his dad and he planted all kinds in raised beds. However, an overhanging laburnam tree is now dropping its pods all over the beds and my son is worried that the poison from them will seep into the soil and then into the vegetables.
He can't remove the tree as it is rented property.
What should he do ?



There's no reason for any concern about soil contamination or the toxins in laburnum being passed into the vegetables.

My concern would be about seeds getting gathered with the vegetables.

If the tree is too tall for the seedpods to be removed as they form then I'd just clear any that drop day to day.

Incidentally, laburnum doesn't cause anything like the harm that most people believe. Still, getting some seeds in, say, salad leaves could cause a tummy upset.

11 Jun, 2014


Thank you very much. I will tell my son and see what he chooses to do .

11 Jun, 2014


Thank you for your help. I think they have a real mix of fruit and veg as it is all an exciting experiment. For the first time, I myself am growing edible plants in containers, so it is a huge learning curve for me too. I appreciate any help. Thanks again.

12 Jun, 2014


Hello Rosiebeck, I just wondered if a piece of very fine netting could be suspended a foot or so above each raised bed to catch the worst of the pods and leaves. The net could be taken off and shaken off somewhere safe, then replaced.

12 Jun, 2014


I will pass on that good idea. Many thanks, Alanb.

12 Jun, 2014


You're welcome, I would interested to know how they get on.

12 Jun, 2014


I will be going to stay with them in two weeks time, so I shall be able to see for myself and no doubt get involved ....... happily !

12 Jun, 2014

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