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I just moved to NJ from CA. The previous owner had the back yard go wild, so is not in optimum shape. My first question is: how do I get rid of a snake? I am terrify of snakes, but I dont want to kill the poor critter. Also, what can I plant in the back yard so the snakes wont find it attractive? do I have to plant flowers every spring/summer (are any flowers out there that are snow resistant?)? I know these too many questions, but any info is appreciated. :O)



havnt a clue about the snake,we dont have them,theres plenty of plants and im sure someone will answer for you,welcome chris

7 Jun, 2010


Can't help about the snake ( you could try google) as to plants and flowers-- good books will give advice on specific plants that you want as to the temperatures they like --- its difficult to say specifically without knowing what you like why not go to the bottom of this pake -- to the alphabet and look at what others do and you could try the search box at the top for other ideas--- its a bit vague i know-- sorry

7 Jun, 2010


The first thing to do is find out what zone you live in. Go to and do a search for "zone map". They will ask for your zip code and tell you what your zone is. Then you can look for plants that grow in that zone.
As for the snake, bet you don't have any mice.Once you clean up the area, the snake will move to somewhere else it likes.

7 Jun, 2010

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