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is gatina still on here does anyone know please ?

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Yes just send her a pm

12 Jun, 2014


ok thanx mg x .

12 Jun, 2014


She popped on a couple of weeks back but not as regular as she used to be Leigh.

12 Jun, 2014


thanx scotish .

12 Jun, 2014


I sent a PM to Gattina in January Leigh as I'd not heard from her for a while and she sent me a nice long reply. Without going into too much detail the gist of it was she's not having a good time in Italy, lots of problems, etc.

As MG suggested, please do PM her. I'm sure that she would love to hear from you. If you do contact her, please mention me as she gave me her email address, I emailed her and I didn't get a reply. So I'm just wondering if she's ok or maybe the email didn't get to her for some reason.

12 Jun, 2014


ok Myron no problem thanx mate .

12 Jun, 2014

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