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By Nita

west sussex, United Kingdom Gb

this may sound silly but i am new at gardening, but when is the best time to prune shrubs and how much, i have 2 in my front garden that could do with a trim, thanks



Depends on the shrub. Do you know what they are called or can you describe them?

19 Jul, 2008


i will try one has large white flowers on it witha yellow middle the other one is very bushy with very fine pink flowers feel like silk sorry dont know the names, thanks for replying

19 Jul, 2008


The general rule of thumb is that shrubs that flower in the summer need to be pruned straight after they've flowered. If you don't know their names, post a photo so somebody can ID them for you then more specific advice can be given for the particular shrub.

19 Jul, 2008


Nita - check my blogs as I wrote two on pruning earlier this year. Might give you the information you need

19 Jul, 2008

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