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Viburnum opulus "compactus"
This flowered for the first time this year, very well. I was so looking forward to the berries but none have set.
It isn't dioeceous is it? Any other ideas please?



hi Steragram,i have just been looking over some of the recent questions, and I saw yours on Viburnum Opulus.....................I was given one of these as a gift for fathers day two years ago. The flowers have been beautifull each year [pure white balls] although have not seen any berries on it can get quite tall and leggy....................Hope this helps.

23 Jun, 2014


Hi Jg - thanks for replying. This one is only supposed to grow to five feet ( Viburnum opulus compactum)and I hope that's correct, as I already have the snowball one that gets very tall. I think the one you have must be V. opulus roseum. There will never be any berries on that one as it is sterile.(Its beautiful in flower though) I was caught out like that myself through not reading the label properly which is why I now have both! What I was wondering was whether you need a male and a female to get berries on the compactum.

23 Jun, 2014

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