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An infestation on my Styrax japonica has greatly increased in one day. Any ideas on how to treat it? Many thanks!

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As per my last comment apply a topical insecticide recommended for control of mealy bugs. These guys are also vectors for plant diseases so you can get a cascade effect of trouble for your plant if you delay. Good Luck!

14 Jun, 2014


You need one based on insecticidal soap, the white stuff is a waxy substance which stops water from getting to the bug inside.

14 Jun, 2014


It's very good of you both to reply again to this idiot . . . many thanks!

14 Jun, 2014


Actually I was rather pleased to see your posting (not happy with the bugs) I asked last year for the id of a tree and as usual in this garden the label has disappeared. It is Styrax japonica like yours, so I can label it again.

14 Jun, 2014


Gardeners are always happy to help each other, Owdboggy!!

14 Jun, 2014

How do I say thanks?

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