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How do I prune a very old overgrown rose bush?

Hi all. This is my first time asking a question here so hello everyone.
We have just cut out a very overgrown and neglected hedge in our new garden. Inside we found a very large rosebush which had grown through the hedge. It's branches are each between three and five meters long with leaves and flowers only at the very ends. Everything else is bare. As the support of the hedge is gone now we had to tie the branches to other trees or prop them up with sticks so they wouldn't brake.
How can I cut back the branches so the rose can support itself again without killing the bush and when do you think would be the best time to do so?
I would be greatfull for any advice. The roses are so beautifull, I realy don't want to kill the bush.
Thank you.



I'd like to have seen a photo or two, one showing the flower and one the rest of the bush. Difficult to say for sure how to prune it because we don't know what type of rose it is (climber, shrub, bush, rambler, whatever). Any chance of a couple of photos?

If not, I'd just cut everything back to about 3 or 4 feet, also removing all and any dead wood. It's obviously been unable to leaf up because its been surrounded by other plants, so seeing the leaves may also help with ID eventually.

15 Jun, 2014


if in a hedge it might be a wild briar type. a photo would certainly help.
I'd wait till late autumn/early spring personally.

15 Jun, 2014

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