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Hi, this may seem like a daft question but I have always loved the flowers on bindweed, is there a way that you can grow it but keep it from over taking everything, maybe in a container on patio with a small obelisk for it to climb up?



I guess you could if you wanted to, but why not try to get hold of Convolvulus althaeoides instead? It can be invasive in the ground in warm gardens, but you could put that in a large container - its a vigorous, clump forming perennial. The flowers are usually pink, but about the same size as wild bindweed. Otherwise, Convolvulus sabatius (smaller flowers) is a great trailer in pots or in the ground if you don't mind its trailing across the ground - again, a woody based spreading perennial, and this one's evergreen in all but the hardest of winters.

17 Jun, 2014


That is such a coincidence , asking that question. I have just been admiring how nice the flowers look as I have been travelling through Essex on the top deck of the bus. I pull it up from the garden because the leaves are so ugly and, as you say, it is so invasive

17 Jun, 2014


Thank you Bamboo, it is pretty but i do like the white flowers, I may leave it for now and have a think.

Nannijii, I do pull it up as it seems to love my hibiscus but there really is something about those flowers i love!

17 Jun, 2014


I've never found convolvulus sabatius too much of a problem in the border. But C. althaeoides was too invasive.

17 Jun, 2014

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