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I was recently given a 4ft high Weeping Willow that appeared to be pot bound and riddled with ants. I treated the ants and re-potted in a larger container.

The old limbs appear to be devoid of life and yet lower down the trunk, new growth has appeared. Should I trim away the old growth or simply leave well alone?

Img_3194 Img_3193



I really think a bigger pot would be better and try scraping one of the weeping bits to see if its still alive. If you take off the top you won't have a weeping willow - it will just be a willow!

17 Jun, 2014


the top is a graft and has died and the bottom is a normal willow coming up .

17 Jun, 2014


Agree with NP, I think the only thing to do is recycle.

17 Jun, 2014

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