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Hi, My Broccoli seedlings which are not ready to plant out yet appear to have bolted already... any advice would be greatly appreciated.



If you mean they are taller and more spindly than they should be it could be due to lack of light, possible coupled with high temperatures. If they are indoors try putting them outside, guarding against slugs. You might try pricking them out into individual pots, perhaps those trays that bedding plants come in from nurseries. They will look very floppy at first but should firm up in a few weeks.

18 Jun, 2014


Thanks, some have actually flowered though, not sure whether I should still plant them out.

19 Jun, 2014


Oh dear. No point in planting them out if they've flowered. Were they very crowded? Its strange that they should get to that stage when too small to transplant.

19 Jun, 2014


No, I spent hours potting them all on seperately. Will plant out the ones that haven't flowered and hope for the best. :)

19 Jun, 2014

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