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Can anyone please tell me what this plant is called and when it flowers because this has been in the grownd for over 12 months and has not flowered.

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I think its a........
Hottentot Fig (Carpobrotus acinaciformis). Mat-like succulent, when it flowers they are like a pink daisy.
They like a well drained sandy soil :o)
Flowers Spring to Autumn.
Sorry I don't know why it hasn't flowered though, lets hope someone can answer that bit :o))

18 Jun, 2014


This plant is often seen in sea-side towns growing vigorously over walls and in dry earth. Possibly your soil is too rich for it to flower. I am sure some one told me that it likes hot dry conditions. I was once given a large cutting but it failed in my London garden.

18 Jun, 2014


Thank you Ladyessex1 and Nannijii, both of your answers have been very helpfull. :-)

19 Jun, 2014


Your Welcome :o))

20 Jun, 2014

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