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By Whippy

I have just *divided" a Viburnum and given a piece to my son whose garden is clay but he has added lots of compost from the recycling plant. However it is looking a bit limp - any ideas how to boost it. My remaining piece is fine.



try reducing the top growth so that it doesn't have so much foliage to support ( and keep well watered, you could spray overhead if it doesn't rain)

7 Jun, 2010


Divided a Viburnum? This is not normally possible I would think. What type of Virburnum is it? They are normally shrubs with a primary (single) woody stem.

7 Jun, 2010


Thanks Pamq will tell him to try that.
Fractal - Afraid I don't know which Viburnum it is but it had several - at least 6 stems.

7 Jun, 2010

How do I say thanks?

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