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Has anyone tried taking cuttings from Physocarpus Diabolo? I know I'll be pruning mine back soon as the flowers are beginning to fade, and I'd like to "share" it with a friend who's admired it. Thanks!



Hi, I haven't taken cuttings of this particular plant, but as they're suckering plants, you have a choice, you can either take greenwood cuttings in summer, or use rooted suckers in autumn or spring, Derek.

20 Jun, 2014


I haven't taken cuttings from Diablo but have successfully taken from Lady in Red and Nugget.
I didn't do anything technical - just popped a couple of stems into some gritty compost, mid summer if I remember correctly - then left them to their own devices til the following year. They must take quite easy if I can do them Sheila :)

20 Jun, 2014


Thank you Derek and Angie. I took eight cuttings today: four with rooting powder and four without. I've just watched Monty putting a plastic bag over his (which I haven't done) but I can see that I should attempt to keep them 'misted' (and presumably somewhere cool).

20 Jun, 2014


I've not tried cuttings, but I get a few self-sown seedlings each year. They seems to come true as well. I also have Dart's Gold, but I'm lucky if I get one seedling from that.

20 Jun, 2014


I kept mine in a corner down the side of the kitchen step, which would have kept them cool. I certainly gave them no protection in winter as I've no where to do this.
The misting and plastic bag are obviously for technical reasons I've yet to learn ;)

20 Jun, 2014

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