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By Jan65

North East England, United Kingdom Gb

Plant recommendation please! I would like to obscure a view from my patio doors and need something that is evergreen, would grow in a pot, and reach maybe 8ft high. Is there such a plant/tree/shrub? The place it will be situated gets some morning sun and is quite sheltered. Many thanks!



It would need a big tub but fatsia japonica could fit the bill otherwise I'd look at grisellinia littoralis, eleagnus ebingii or Prunus laurocarocis ...but all would need hefty ol' tubs

20 Jun, 2014


Or even a bamboo - my Phyllostachis aurea looks wonderful all year. That would grow in a (large) pot.

21 Jun, 2014


Agree with Spritzhenry - I came on to suggest Phyllostachys nigra, but which you choose is down to you.

21 Jun, 2014


Thank you all - I had thought of bamboo but wasn't sure. I'll check out all of your suggestions, thank you!

21 Jun, 2014


You'll need a big pot for bamboo - preferably a minimum of 18 inches deep and 12/16 inches wide. A larger pot also helps prevent it getting blown over, so long as its not dried out.

21 Jun, 2014

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