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By Lynneg

North Humberside, United Kingdom Gb

Mock orange.I have a very large variety "the bride" so moving it is not an option.It is far too fat! and is starting to swamp everything else.Can I prune some outer branches to slim it down without harming the rest of it.thanks.



You sure can.....they don't mind thinning out every few years

21 Jun, 2014


.....and I would say just after flowering has finished would be the time to do this pruning.

21 Jun, 2014


Many thanks for replying.

21 Jun, 2014


Cut out the stems that have flowered right down to the base. It flowers next year on this year's new growth. There's an enormous one on some wild land adjoining our gardens & the scent wafting over is exquisite.

21 Jun, 2014


Thanks feverfew.It flowered earlier in the year and I pruned those so can I do the side branches now or in the autumn as it really is crowding out other plants?

21 Jun, 2014


If it flowered early in the year and you think it is called The Bride, then is it a Philadelphus? The Bride is an Exochorda macrantha.
Pruning is the same though, do it now so there is new growth for next years flowers.

22 Jun, 2014


Think you're right owdboggy ___think I got confused.Will have a go today.Thanks all for the help.

22 Jun, 2014

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