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Hedge close to house (garage)

Hi all, I'm looking to get some hedges planted against my wall to extend the height a bit, the only problem is they will need to go within 1m-2m of the garage wall.

As the point is to extend the height of the wall to give more privacy, I also need something that is fast growing and that will grow quite tall (about 3m max)

I understand that the main potential problem with planting something so big so close to the house is the risk of subsidence due to the plants taknig all of the moisture from the soil but that some plants are less of a problem than others in that regard.

Am I after the impossible to get a fast growing, tall hedge that can be planted so close to the house with potential damage? Any ideas? I've been told that Laurel may be one of the less intrusive but I'm not so sure about that. Holly seems to be one of the safest, but slow growing.

Any ideas?



Another solution without any subsidence worries might be simply to add a strong trellis to your wall and grow climbers up it, which would also be prettier than a hedge.
the trouble with fast growing hedges is that they don't stop when they reach the height you want and continue growing fast afterwards so you are forever having to cut them back.

Many councils have limits on the height of hedge you are allowed between you and a neighbour so it might be worth checking that out too before you decide. The limit is eight feet in a lot of places.

27 Jun, 2014

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