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How do I get RID of this invasive bulb-Triteleia hyacinthina?!
I bought a packet of 10 a few years ago and now there is not a part of my garden where it has not fouind a home!

I have tried digging it out- but it seems massive clumps grow from the tinniest bulblet! Short of blow torching the garden, do you have any tip?S!

On plant Triteleia hyacinthina



Weedkiller tends to roll off the leaves of most bulbs. You need to mix the weedkiller with a little liquid soap to make it stick, then spray every one you can see, taking care not to get the spray on other plants of course. You are in for the long haul, if it is anything like Nectaroscordum siculum.

8 Jun, 2010


Do you find Nectaroscordum invasive? I planted some one year, they flowered and never reappeared. Perhaps I was just lucky... ;-)

8 Jun, 2010


It grows well in wet areas like river banks and meadows and is invasive

8 Jun, 2010


It seems that some plants in some gardens are thuggish and in others pussy cats. You can't tell until it dawns on you that you have a thug on board, then you have a fight on your hands. My Nectaroscordum do spread but not as rampant as Corydalis Lutea and that evil little Allium I have blogged about. I am inundated with V. Bonariensis seedlings this year but I like far.

9 Jun, 2010


I do so agree, but VB never spreads for me so I love it, but I did get rid of the little white Allium - Neapolitanum,after you said how invasive it was and you were right to warn me, loads of new tiny bulbs and only planted last autumn.

9 Jun, 2010

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