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(17 years old and lacking in experience.) I'm planning on growing sweet peas, I will grow them from seeds February-ish in a potting shed to get them started. When I plant them out (in April) I will grow them on the cordon, so I can cut the flowers, but I've come across the term 'layering', I've tried to research this and understand you take away the supporting structure and allow them to grow up a new supporting structure, but websites say you lay the plants on the floor, so (eventually) my question is: When laying the plant along the floor won't the stems bend? As I've read in books and on websites you don't want to do any bending of the plant.



Did you put this question on twice? Just seen it on the unanswered question section but thought I'd seen a reply last week.

Left to themselves sweet peas often grow flopped over at first and then turn up and start to climb. As you are new to growing them I really wouldn't bother about layering, they will be perfectly OK just growing up your supports.

Get them started as you plan and if you have worries at hardening off time just put another question on here. don't get bogged sown by fancy instructions, just enjoy them for starters. I've never done anything but give them a support and they've been fine.

8 Jul, 2014

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