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(17 years old and lacking in experience.) I'm planning on growing sweet peas, I will grow them from seeds February-ish in a potting shed to get them started. When I plant them out (in April) I will grow them on the cordon, so I can cut the flowers, but I've come across the term 'layering', I've tried to research this and understand you take away the supporting structure and allow them to grow up a new supporting structure, but websites say you lay the plants on the floor, so (eventually) my question is: When laying the plant along the floor won't the stems bend? As I've read in books and on websites you don't want to do any bending of the plant.



This used to be done many many years ago to extend the season of picking. Basically you take the stem of the plant and lay it along the ground and tie it to a new support for it to climb up. Obviously this is done once that particular vine has finished producing flowers. Never did it myself in the days when I grew Sweet Peas, but I have seen pictures of it in old gardening books.
Not sure it is done any more as most modern varieties do not grow that tall any more.

28 Jun, 2014


A tip from a sweet pea grower friend is to give your sweet peas plenty of support and then tie them to it. Then cut off the tendrils that they send out themselves for support. Apparently this concentrates the plant's energy into the flower production, rather than support structures. Advice from me is to buy the best quality seeds you can and don't be tempted by cheap offers. I soak my sweat peas before planting. Good luck.

29 Jun, 2014

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