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Hi ,The Cornus Alba i planted last year has started dying back with leaves turing brown and falling, including new leaves. I assume this is some sort of fungal disease but i thought Cornus very rarely succumbed??!!! Maybe is due to the very wet Spring we had? I have looked at other Cornus in the locality and they seem fine. Any thoughts would be very welcome, thank you




If twigs are dying back as well, and there any black lesions anywhere, it could be a phytophthera infection, in particular P. kernovaie or P. ramorum - if you suspect its that, the RHS has a page on these infections, and a link to the Plant Health and Seeds Inspector, because both these infections are notifiable.

It's unlikely to be Cornus anthracnose - this infection doesn't seem to trouble C. alba varieties.

29 Jun, 2014

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