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I have an old pear tree it was in the garden 35 years ago when we purchased the house.
I was very fruitful until a couple of years ago. I Get very small pears which fall of this time of year and the leaves start to turn black and fall off. By middle of august there are no leaves left. Some said it might have club root and I should use Armillatox.
Can any one help me please with a cure?



Club root is a pest of the brassica family - I don't think that can be whats wrong with your pear.

30 Jun, 2014


Check the woody parts of the tree for cankers or soft, soggy areas, wounds, etc, or any signs of infestation. Check particularly the base of the trunk for any signs of fungus or rot. Otherwise, if the pears themselves have any black marks on, it might be a bad case of pear scab.

30 Jun, 2014


the leaf complaint suggests a pear leaf mite. check on the RHS advice pages for how to deal with this.

it is normal for many fruit trees to drop some fruit at this time of year. its called June Drop. it is the plants response to regulate the number of fruits the tree can support. it is an hormonal thing and nothing you can do to stop it really.

1 Jul, 2014

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