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How do I know if the cherry tree in my garden has edible fruit. It was there when I moved in, it is a mature tree with a good crop of smallish light red fruit.



If you didn't see it in flower, pick one and try it, but spit the pip out -cherry pips are toxic, but the fruit isn't. It might not taste very good, but at least you'll know. Otherwise, wait a bit and see if they go black - if they do, they're more likely to be fruit cherries rather than ornamental ones.

30 Jun, 2014


All cherries are edible, as long as it is cherry from the genus Prunus as none are poisonous, but some of them don't taste nice and are grown just as an ornamental tree.

30 Jun, 2014


You'll be lucky if you keep them from the birds. We have two cherry trees and never manage to get any. The pigeons strip the ones in the middle before they are past green and the Blackbirds take the ones from the ends of the boughs, that the pigeons are too fat to get to, just as they start to ripen!

30 Jun, 2014


I had a cherry tree where I once lived, it was covered in cherries, next day all that was left was the stalks with the stone hanging on the tree LOL

1 Jul, 2014

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