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By Sarahm

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Hi Goyers - has anyone else tried the miracle gro feeder that goes on the end of the hose (or anything else similar?)

I am having problems getting the feed to water mix ratio right and really worried the blue dye in the feed will stain my patio (or worse, my neighbours patio.....)



Why not test a bit on an inconspicuous corner?

30 Jun, 2014


I tried it last year and this spring I threw it away. It is meant to use up miracle grow quickly so you can buy some more. In addition, I lost control of how much and where feeding was being done in different areas in my garden. I have gone back to the good old scoop and watering can. By the way, watering potted plants on the patio I did not notice any staining of blue dye either with the watering can or the hose attachment.

1 Jul, 2014


I used it for one year then like loosestrife went back to scoop and watering can. that way you can be certain wihich plants you are feeding. the blue dye is just so you can see it. originally it diluted clear and people didn't know if it had run out etc.

1 Jul, 2014


I tried 2 of them and both left me wondering which plants got too much and which plants too little, with both I used so much liquid so its back to the older ways. I must say though I did not notice any staining with the blue one.

1 Jul, 2014


Example: I was inadvertently getting fertilizer on my cosmos with the spray head, result , cosmos with stems as thick as a broomstick which eventually bent over and collapsed under their own weight.

1 Jul, 2014


Thanks all, really disappointed that we have all found it not as good as the simple ways. Relieved that the blue colour should not stain.

1 Jul, 2014

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