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Alstromeria: I have what may be a very old variety, it is orange 3-5 ft tall, and grows from rhizomes. Is digging it up the only way to control it? It's taking over the garden in which I have it planted. I don't want to take it all out.




I also have this one and now and again I weed killer it in the places where it has taken over. I use a systemic weed killer with glyphosphate in it, so it kills the underground storage organs.

1 Jul, 2014


Thank you for asking this question. I too have it and after digging it all out (what a joke), it is taking over its original space again. It is very attractive and a great cut flower but it is such a thug. I may dig up some of it and put it in pots.

1 Jul, 2014

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