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My Hosta Fortunel is huge, I have two of them and they were planted two years ago. They have not blossomed and no blossoms in sight. All other Hostas in area are getting ready to open. Any thoughts why mine are just getting bigger and bigger and nothing else?



Enjoy it's growth and wait. Mine doesn't not bloom until the end of July. Or if you have a cute little bunny in your garden it might forgo flowering at all. Like you, all my other hosta are flowering with the exception of this one, why? Well it does what it does.

1 Jul, 2014


it is a larger species so perhaps it isn't up to flowering size yet. The ones I have had in the past have always flowered after the others.

1 Jul, 2014


Also depends on the variety - some don't flower until August and will only now be starting to show the flower stalk. I have a dozen or so hostas all at different stages in the flowering (and some babies that I don't expect to flower for a couple of years yet) I'm one of the strange people who buys hostas for the flowers rather than the leaves!

2 Jul, 2014

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