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My family planted a golden conifer 4ft.high in our front
garden on the 5th May 2014 as a birthday gift for my husband. Unfortunately after that date we had some very cold weather and strong winds, and the conifer has now got what I believe as wind burn. It is very orange for about 2ft. from the top, but still some green left below. Any suggestions will be gratefully received. I have been watering it well continually.



Sometimes they recover from wind burn, but if it doesn't after waiting a decent interval you can try cutting off the damaged portion as it is in the top part.
The tree will look odd for a while but you should find that the lower branches will grow up and disguise the area, and after a couple of years at most it should look fine again.

A hedge near here was badly damaged by wind burn a few years ago and it made a complete recovery, if that's any comfort!

2 Jul, 2014


Thank you for your help with regard to the Golden Conifer
windburn! I will wait a little while and then perhaps cut
off the top, as you suggest.

3 Jul, 2014

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