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Can anyone identify this rather odd shaped fruit?
It was tied to a stick in a boquet of flowers. I've never seen anything like it before.
The champagne cork is for scale.




crikey --looks like a pear crossed with a starfruit !

9 Jun, 2010


Lol....very good Pamg!!.....I've neve seen anything like it before.....

9 Jun, 2010


are you going to cut a part open so we can see the inside? that will give us a better idea.

9 Jun, 2010


Maybe a gourd of some kind?

9 Jun, 2010


I'm definitely getting older and dafter, but had a good laugh because I read your question too fast and thought it said "the champagne cork is for sale". I ask you.
Fruit = random mutant ninja?

9 Jun, 2010


Solanum mammosum
A.k.a. Titty Fruit, Cow's Udder, Apple of Sodom
They are NOT edible but are usually grown for there ornamental quality’s

Hope this Helps


9 Jun, 2010


does it go with bra ssicas ? :o)

9 Jun, 2010


oooh Spg :0))

9 Jun, 2010


couldnt resist Pamg with a common name like that :o)

9 Jun, 2010


Seaburngirl -They were in a boquet given to my wife for her birthday three years ago. I cut them open and stored the seeds somewhere safe. They are still there "somewhere safe", I just can't remember where somewhere safe is.

Weeding - the champagne cork IS for sale...make me an offer (minimum offer is 6 x 1 1/2" diameter brass washers with 3/8" holes), or will swap for a wire mesh watering can.

Steveg1966 - Yes it helped a lot. Thank you, much appreciated. I didn't even try to taste them after all, you don't get much edible fruit in a bunch of flowers.

Everyone else - Thanks for your imput, even the daft bits. They make me smile!

9 Jun, 2010


I've never read such a tempting swap offer!!
If only I had some : (

10 Jun, 2010

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