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Is this another weed I've been nurturing?!!!

Though this was A Trycirtis Hirta but have been told it's not but not sure what it is now. It's either a stray seed or was in the compost so any ideas anyone as I don't want to continue to nurture it if it is, in fact a weed!!




Not Tricirtis hirta, Oddbillie. It looks more like Solanum family to me. Keep it going for a while and see what happens, it might be a rarity :-).

9 Jun, 2010


Looks a little like Datura stramonium (Thorn Apple) which is a weed of cultivation.

9 Jun, 2010


It does look like a datura, but I kind of like the flowers. As long as you deadhead it, you should go ahead and enjoy it. The farmers around have them, but it hasn't strayed into my yard.

9 Jun, 2010


It could also be something like Fat Hen or one of the Goosefoots. Still hard to tell at the moment.

9 Jun, 2010


Datura stramonium (Thorn apple, Jimsonweed) is what it is.

9 Jun, 2010


Thanks all. I will see how it pans out but researching it tells me it is poisonous??

11 Jun, 2010


I'm still not convinced. I think it may well be Maple-leaved Goosefoot.

12 Jun, 2010


Any of the daturas & brugmansias are poisonous. Doesn't mean they shouldn't be used. Just keep deadheading - they will spread.

12 Jun, 2010

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