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I have a really nice rhododendron and azalea in tubs, and I want to put then into the ground. I don't know the pH of my soil, but it's good quality, loamy, and very stony.There are no rhododendrons or azaleas in local gardens or growing wild in the area so I'm guessing that the local soil is not the most suitable. Health problem stops me from digging in a mountain of natural additive. What can I add to the soil to make sure they will thrive?



You'll need to dig a larger hole than you need to fill with ericaceous compost, and plant them in that. If they start to look yellow and sad in a few months, or next year, use Sequestrene iron tonic applied twice a year at the roots to acidify the soil conditions. You can also buy a specialist feed for acid loving plants like these (Miracle Gro Azalea food) if you want to use that too.

9 Jun, 2010


Thanks for advice, much appreciated.

12 Jun, 2010

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