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Help please my little patio rose produced many flowers but is now covered in black spot should I prune it now or leave it also the flowers on my heuchera's have flopped over. With the rain which didn't stop all day yesterday can I cut them off they grew really tall this year thanks

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I'm afraid I'm not a fan of roses in pots, even patio roses seem to be good for the first year and then become susceptible to black spot and mildew. If you want to keep your rose in a pot, then a larger pot will help and you need to spray the rose with Roseclear, before black spot attacks. No harm leaving Heuchera spikes, but could be removed if spent or if you feel they are unsightly.

5 Jul, 2014


Agree, needs spraying with Roseclear ultra from Spring through to autumn, but I note the position of your rose - it appears to be sheltered in a corner with a wall on two sides. If that's its usual position, move it to somewhere more open - roses are less likely to get infected if they have good air flow round them, and where that is, it hasn't got that. Remove all fallen leaves as soon as you notice them, and don't leave any on the ground over winter - black spot will be sitting in them and in the ground. You could give it a good prune back now, to outward facing buds, and remove all affected leaves - as regrowth occurs, spray with Roseclear ultra.

5 Jul, 2014


My white patio rose has black spot, I have been using fungicidal spray.

5 Jul, 2014


Thank you all will take your advice as it's a very pretty rose and as a lovely perfume .

5 Jul, 2014


Looking at your heucheras,you can certainly snip of the spent flower stems at their bases, but some of the leaves are flopping over the pot because they're trying to spread out - in the ground, this isn't an issue, obviously.

5 Jul, 2014

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