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Can you download the icon for Grows on You onto your phone? The files from my camera are too big and we are having problems with Photoshop. My iPad photos are not clear enough and when I send photos via Dropbox they are upside down. I send direct to Facebook with no problems. I thought if I sent them direct it would work. I can view the site via Google. :0) Linda



Try contacting Goy direct through the contact us link at the bottom of the pge. I have alwzys found them helpful

6 Jul, 2014


you can make the photo's on your camera smaller, i.e. less resolution using any paint or picture editing program. If you are having problems with Photoshop your PC probably comes with a basic picture editing program which should do the job. If not, try downloading one.

6 Jul, 2014


Thanks for the help. I must check our camera. The info is on the camera and not in book form. My husband is checking the is a Mac.

7 Jul, 2014


Barry has managed to find the original software to reduce the pixels on the computer and I Googled how to do it on the camera. Success! :0)) Thanks Myron.

7 Jul, 2014

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