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I have a fuchsia (hardy) on an north facing fence underplanted with various hostas. It was lovely until my darling dog (!) decided to eat the berries and he has broken it down and trampled the hostas.

I also have a daisy bush planted last year opposite being squashed out by another fuchsia and a buddleia.

Any advice on the possibility of (a) moving the damaged fuchsia to a large pot and (b) using the resulting space to house the daisy bush would be greatly appreciated.

The soil is very heavy London clay.

Timing - how hard to cut back - etc etc please.




Prune the damaged branches out to prevent infection. then I'd lift the plant into a pot in the autumn if you want it in a pot.
personally I'd prune it into size to fit the space rather than pot it up.

Moving both in the autumn would be my suggestion, if that's what you'd prefer.

6 Jul, 2014

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