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Water snails are eating my newly planted lily. How can I stop this ? As far as I know we have no turtles and certainly no fish in the pond; we did spot a newt the other day though. Could he be the culprit ?

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You need rams horn snails rather than the bigger whelk shaped ones. they don't eat leaves.

7 Jul, 2014


Have you any turtles in your pond?

7 Jul, 2014


thats strange,most pond snails eat algea and not lilly pads,are you sure its the snails ?

8 Jul, 2014


Snails have rasping mouthparts which would create elongated holes in the leaves similar to what you see when a slug feasts on a hosta leaf. What I see here are leaves which are bitten off either by nipping fish or a turtle or two.

8 Jul, 2014


i knew it cause that lily pad would of still been ok and not looking so bad. thnx loosestrife

8 Jul, 2014

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