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Can anyone name this hanging house plant?


By Julez

I bought this hanging plant and it did not have any information with it. I have tried to google for an answer but can't find it. Do you know the answer?




this looks very much like a lipstick vine! does it have quite thick waxy leaves and does it flower funny looking red flowers that look a bit like a lipstick? if so thats what it is - not sure on the latin name but i think i have it in my book - i'll have a look for you and get back if i find it,

1 Nov, 2007


hi yes i have just looked it up and it does look very much like a lipstick vine in which case the proper name is Aeschynanthus lobbianus - which is the most common variety. there are however other varieties of Aeschynanthus which are hard to come by there is the zebra basket vine (Aeschynanthus marmoratus) with dull green flowers, there is also an orange/yellow coloured flowering one called Aeschynanthus speciosus. and according to my book Aeschynanthus is also sometimes confused with Columnea, but i think that is mainly just the flowers. - but i had a lipstick vine myself a few years ago and the foliege on your plant looks very much like it. - they are reletively easy to keep and propergate - some light but not direct, water freely in spring and summer and sparingly in winter repot every 2-3 years and take stem cuttings in spring. mist leaves frequently - i had mine in the bathroom - it loved it there and i did'nt need to mist it! hope this helps.

1 Nov, 2007


Thanks that is great information

1 Nov, 2007

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