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Salvias. I really like salvias en wondered if anyone could recommend a particular blue/purple variety that is a perennial and easy to grow.



I find Salvia 'Cambridge blue' a good one. it has a large flower too.

9 Jul, 2014


I love 'Cerro Potosi' which ive had in my very cold (in winter) garden for 10 years.

It's more magenta/shocking pink then purple though but well worth growing....and the bees and hummingbird hawkmoths love it !!!!!!

10 Jul, 2014


Salvia nemorosa 'Caradonna' is a great hardy plant. It goes on and on flowering if you deadhead regularly. Lovely deep purple with black stems. 'Amistad' is a wonderful shrubby Salvia, but depending on your garden, might need winter protection.

10 Jul, 2014


Thanks for those recommendations. Are there any varieties that are particulary hardy? Here in Shropshire we can be prone to cold winters and really would like to stick a variety in e ground and not worry about it. Also do you cut it back in autumn or does it just die back by itself?

10 Jul, 2014


Go for 'Caradonna' then, as any of the shrubby ones could be affected by the cold. It's hardy, and yes, herbaceous, so it does die back in the winter. I do cut off the dead flowers as the flower fades - I cut it back to the next 'node' and the flowers keep on coming.

11 Jul, 2014


yes I'd endorse caradonna too. Having said that I lost mine and I don't know when or why. just realised she isn't there any more. Must get a replacement for next year.

11 Jul, 2014


Forsskaolii is a favourite of mine (wood sage) great plant grows in sun or shade, quite a big one though, very hardy here and self seeds, purple flowers with white throats.

11 Jul, 2014


I've decided on the salvia 'Caradonna' as I was after a blue/purple flower and something that was hardy. Also very popular with insects and bees. Thanks for all your offerings- I am off to find my new addition to my garden.

11 Jul, 2014


I hope you find one. :-)

12 Jul, 2014


Have had to order on-line as no luck in local garden centres. Looking forward to getting them asap.

12 Jul, 2014



13 Jul, 2014


Sprtizhenry - any suggestions which position the Caradonna would like best? full sun or partial shade? I have three little plants and am not sure whether to plant them together or in separate locations? I always end up separating perennials as they get too big so I wondered whether it would be best to plant them in three different locations and give them a couple of years for them to bush out?

15 Jul, 2014


Sun, definitely. They do look wonderful in threes - I always plant in odd numbers if I have the space. Just leave about a foot between them.

16 Jul, 2014


Spritzhenry - thanks for that. Will get them planted asap.

17 Jul, 2014



18 Jul, 2014

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