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By Sid

Hereford, United Kingdom Gb

I am growing three varieties of Chilli. Two of the varieties are producing blossom and setting fruit, but the third variety, F1 hybrid 'Vampire', not a sausage. The foliage is perfectly healthy, but no blossom is being produced whatsoever. Has anyone else tried this variety or does anyone know what the problem might be? All three varieties are in a sunny porch on capillary matting and I'm feeding with tomato feed, although I'm giving the Vampires less feed in the hope the stress might kick start them. Any ideas/views greatly appreciated!



Hi I grew vampire and it produced flowers later than the others. I don't tend to feed until I get flowers.

9 Jul, 2014


Hallo Sid - long time, no see! Come and see us again, won't you.

10 Jul, 2014


Thanks Seaburngirl - I will be patient! I have only really fed them by default when feeding the others.

Hi Barbara! Hope you're well. I still creep around in the GoY shadows from time to time, under the radar ;) I haven't had a garden for a while, but just moved to a house with a rather large garden - got my work cut out in this space:)

11 Jul, 2014


I will - I miss our chats! Good luck with your new garden. x

12 Jul, 2014

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