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By Waddy

Lancashire, United Kingdom Gb

I have two questions please, regarding my neighbours garden. 1st, could anyone tell me if this is a weed or not? It's not in flower yet, but there seems to be a couple of large clumps. It's about 3ft to 4ft high.

Donalds_garden_10_7_14_010 Donalds_garden_10_7_14_009



Difficult to tell first thought is that I could be purple loostrife (Lythrum salicaria)

What's the second question ?

10 Jul, 2014


I thought loose strife as well.
I'd wait till it opens, and then decide if you want to keep it. It might be a very pretty flower :)

10 Jul, 2014


Thanks guys I'll ask the owner of the garden what they want to do, under the circumstances.

10 Jul, 2014


Could be a willowherb. Whether or not it is a weed depends entirely on your thinking - one man's weed is another man's wild flower.

13 Jul, 2014


Patfran; You're quite right...definition of a weed? A plant where it shouldn't be. Definitely not a Willowherb and I've spoken to the owner of the garden and he says to dig it out.

14 Jul, 2014

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