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By Driad

Suffolk, United Kingdom Gb

I was let loose in Lidles today , and purchased a plant called Pachypodium Lamerei . Does anyone know it ?
The weather has been abysmal in East Anglia for the past couple of days , so I have resorted to a little retail therapy . I got lost in a garden centre yesterday .
I wonder if the Pachy bit is elephant and the podi bit feet ?



Hi Driad looking at some pics of a pachypodium lamerei its a Madagascan fern and the "trunk" does look like an elephants leg, Roy.

10 Jul, 2014


Thanks Roy . I couldn't find it .

10 Jul, 2014


I've got one of those. Had it many years. Can't remember where I bought it. I keep it in the bathroom, which faces west and gets lots of sun. I water it like other succulents and cacti. It's a very pretty plant :o)

10 Jul, 2014


Thanks , Hywel .
I don't suppose that it can flower ?

11 Jul, 2014


It flowers in the wild.
Google pachypodium lamerei flowers, and click on 'images' ... and you'll see them.
But I don't think it will flower as a house plant.

11 Jul, 2014


I'll take a look , Hywel .

13 Jul, 2014

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