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By Scotkat

Angus, Scotland Sco

There are crows with their young family on our neighbours roof

Has anyone else seen young crows?



Never seen one but they go through a stage when they look like little black poultry chicks (I guess most birds do!)
There are magpies nesting on the roof of one of the buildings were I work - quite often see the young birds as they're getting ready to leave home - launching yourself off the top of a four storey building must seem incredibly daunting when you're that little.

What about baby pigeons - any one ever seen one of them?

10 Jul, 2014


No never seen a baby Pidgeon

10 Jul, 2014


Those baby magpies can yap for Scotland!! We've a few round about here and you can tell them a mile off.

Not many baby crows Kath but plenty of baby Jackdaws though.

10 Jul, 2014


Young carrion crows have a grey beak and so look like rooks. So yes I've seen them, but it's hard to differentiate. Trouble is, I really don't know what young rooks look like. They probably look like rooks so very similar to young C crows. Oh dear, does this even make sense?

10 Jul, 2014


We have lots of jackdaws nesting around here, usually in the old chimneys. They have a grey head. As a child my next door neighbour rescued a baby and it was so naughty he had a heck of a job encouraging it to leave!

10 Jul, 2014


We have wood pigeons in the garden, and there are a couple of young ones spending a lot of time with us at the moment! I believe that pigeons don't leave the nest until they are quite large by which time they look very much like the adults. They are not quite so plump, but the colouring is much the same.

10 Jul, 2014


I have a pair of resident crows in my garden and they get a handful of fish food carp sticks every morning when im feeding the fish.

Well Tuesday this week, they had their baby with tem for the first time. The parents became very aggressive towards the resident Herring Gulls, which I was pleased about.

In past years, the baby crows have hung around until autumn the following year....actually helping raise the present baby.

Fascinating creatures.

11 Jul, 2014


My wife's sixtieth birthday is next month and this discussion about young crows has given me a great idea for one of her birthday gifts, thank you ever so much!

11 Jul, 2014


OOOOOOer how naughty Loosestrife lol :O) Hope she has a good sense of humour your wife. :O)

I have seen young pidgeons they are very ugly creatures and I wish the mums would not nest in my Magnolia tree. lol :O)

11 Jul, 2014


Not crows but we had a young rook once that had flown down and was unwilling to try flyng back.

We've also seen very young ravens - Mum and Dad making a splendid job of driving off a buzzard who was looking for an easy lunch.

11 Jul, 2014


Did you know (you probably did) that birds from the crow family make excellent talkers? I've even heard a magpie talk.

12 Jul, 2014

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