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By Hank

Cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

3 feet long weed problem.

My neighbour has just been away for 6 weeksand returned to an awful problem, asking me ( of all people) for advice. I told him I'd ask you guys.
His back garden has gone wild ( see photo) and he's now cutting it down with a sickle ( long job). He asks it he can either pile it up in a corner, or store it in compost bins so it will rot down eventually and be useful in a year or so.




OK to compost in bins but if green then it needs to be mixed with drier material and reach a reasonable heat to kill weed seeds. Garotta, a little sulphate of ammonia or urine will help.

11 Jul, 2014


He can't store it in compost bins on its own, as Jimmytheone says - it'll go into a soggy, smelly mess if he does. If he hasn't enough other material to layer so that the layers of grass are thin in between, best bagged and binned.

11 Jul, 2014


Thanks guys, i've passed on your messages.

11 Jul, 2014

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