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There are so many roses to choose from. Which roses have you found to be the most fragrant. Ours is Gertrude Jekyll but I am keen to find others to fill a few gaps. Hybrid tea or floribunda, don't mind.




Yes me to Gertrude Jekyll the perfume is so everlasting .

My favourite up to now .

12 Jul, 2014


Type 'scented roses' into the search box (on the right of the GoY page) and you will find a fair few questions and blogs on this subject Wildrose. It makes interesting reading!

12 Jul, 2014


look at the Bealaes roses website. they rate scented-ness for all their roses in their catalogue.

12 Jul, 2014


I only grow bush type roses as nearly all are repeat blooming All the David Austin shrub roses have good to strongly fragrant blooms but I find them very expensive and the shrubs tall and ungainly looking. Many fragrant roses lack in other ways mentioned below.

A Whiter Shade Of Pale (HT Pale Pink) has great fragrance and vigour and lots of blooms. They tolerate rain with no problem. Cannot fault it so far.

Deep Secret (HT dark crimson) has a powerful scent but doesn't stand up to rain well.

Fragrant Cloud (HT coral red) is one of the most fragrant Hybrid Teas but is susceptible to blackspot.

Double Delight (HT Carmine/Cream) is another Hybrid Tea with a powerful scent but its bi-colouring is not to everyone's taste.

Korresia (Fl Yellow) canary yellow blooms have a great scent and don't fade but they don't last more than a couple of days.

12 Jul, 2014


Thanks to everyone for your advice and ideas. I shall enjoy researching more information on here and on the website for Bealaes roses.
Bendipa thanks you for the useful list, I shall start with finding out more about those.

Best wishes

13 Jul, 2014


Just to add, here's what my Whiter Shade Of Pale rose looks like in its first year You can see why I think this is one of the best HT roses going and the scent is brilliant. I have other HT varieties planted out last winter and none of them have performed as well.

13 Jul, 2014


I'd back up Seaburngirl's suggestion -Beales' website classicroses allows you to choose all sorts of combinations - scent, thornyness, height etc as well as by the obvious colour or type. You can even select by year of introduction if you want to buy a special anniversary rose.
They also have a lot of roses which are exclusive to them in the UK so you won't be limited to the ubiquitous David Austin roses that every man and his dog seems to have.

15 Jul, 2014

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