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I had no choice but to dig up a4 feet tall poppy with about 20 unopened seed heads as the land was being concreted.

I know poppies hate being disturbed so was really careful putting him and his thick cream roots in a bit pot with more dirt.

That was yesterday. I left him out (he was growing outside and it has been really hot recently) but when I woke up this morning all the leaves on the very thick main stem (must be about an inch and a quarter thick) were crispy. I am heartbroken as I love poppies. A neighbour said it may be a perennial and come back next year, is this a hope ? What should I do. please help.



I'dcut the seed heads off to reduce the stress on the plant, lots and lots of water regularly especially if its hot and dry , mulch it too to conserve that moisture, then hope for the best.......

or put it in a pot with nice compost, shady area and lots of tender loving care, plant it out in the autumn.......

14 Jul, 2014


I suspect it was an opium poppy which is annual but if it is one of the perennial ones then cut back the foliage and keep it well watered.

14 Jul, 2014


Just in case you do lose it over the winter, which you will if it is an annual, do collect some seed to sow. It may not be ready for collecting yet but upend the stem inside a paper bag in a dry place. When the seeds ripen they will fall in to the bag.

14 Jul, 2014


If it's an annual opium poppy (if it is, it would have grown very fast this year and wouldn't have been there last year) then just leave it and wait for the pods to mature and open and collect the seeds. If it was a perennial oriental poppy (it would have been there last year or you would have planted it) then they are fairly indestructable. They are propagated via root cuttings, so you will find your pot come back to life in the spring. Good luck!

14 Jul, 2014

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