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Dyfed, United Kingdom Gb

is my fig tree dead it is 10 years old ,but no leaves have appeared after the recent hard winter

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Well doesn't sound good does it, scrape back some of the bark on the stems to see if they still "green" or completely dead.

10 Jun, 2010


Hi, I bough an established indoor fig plant and it looked lovely for years, then all of a sudden it started dropping healthy looking leaves. I have moved it different places as been suggested, but nothing has helped. It is a real shame. I have since cut it back, but do not hold out any hope for it to re-establish. Why does this happen?

9 Dec, 2010


Lots of possible reasons, Anitalynn - did you check for infestation by things like red spider mite, mealy bug, etc, aphids, root aphids? Did you introduce any new plants around the time it started dropping its leaves? Was there a change in its conditions - such as double glazing being fitted in the house, a change of heating system (gas to electric, new central heating, etc.). Was the plant damaged in some way?

9 Dec, 2010

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