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Mystery plant...

Hi all, does anyone have any idea what it is that I have growing in amongst the crocosmia/montbretia in this pot I inherited from a friend (in Cornwall)?

Apparently, it has small white flowers that 'hang' beneath the leaves. I'm not sure when it flowers, but I got the impression it was late Winter/early Spring – it was already finished when I took possession of it in April. Incidentally, I've taken off quite a few of the lower leaves that had been munched by our little slimy friends :(

Thanks in advance!
Georgie x:)

Img_1582 Img_1583



It's called commonly Solomon's Seal - Latin name Polygonatum.

14 Jul, 2014


Bamboo, thank you! You are such a fount of botanical knowledge! :)

It's a plant that really appeals to me – and now I can see it will be perfect in some shade amongst my ferns :)

(P.S. My hydrangea's doing better since I followed your advice...but the entire plant seems so 'stunted' – the leaves are sooo small – that I'm not convinced it's not got problems beyond the environmental. From bad stock perhaps? :( Still, I shan't give up hope!)

Thanks again!
Georgie x:)

14 Jul, 2014


Those white flowers should turn into nice looking (though toxic) berries but I've only ever seen them in pictures because any real plants always get munched before the berries form.

14 Jul, 2014


Probably the Solomon's seal sawfly, poisongardener, seems to get most plants growing in the ground. Vigilance as it flowers and just after is called for - you can pick off the larvae as the hatch, but it is a bit of a labour.

Georgie: you could be right, maybe the hydrangea is just a runt - it does happen with plants. See how it does next year if you can stand it!

14 Jul, 2014


Is that the same as Solomon's Seal eelworm, which used to munch ours?

14 Jul, 2014


Dunno steragram, never heard it called an eelworm before - I've always known it as Solomon's Seal sawfly. Lays eggs on the plant which then hatch into larvae (I suppose they might be worm like) which eat great holes in the leaves, munch the flowers and then disappear.

Did a bit of research, and there doesn't seem to be an eelworm which affects solomon's seal - maybe that's what whoever you heard it from thinks the sawfly infestation is.

14 Jul, 2014


Well I looked eelworm up and can't find any trace of it - and I've been calling it eelworm for ages. Never too late to learn!
I'm sure I remember years ago reading that it got down into the root and there was nothing you could do about it.
Anyway the very small pant here hasn't suffered yet so that's one thing to be grateful for.

14 Jul, 2014


Thanks Bamboo. My tired old brain just couldn't find the word sawfly as I was writing.

14 Jul, 2014


Cheers Snoop!

14 Jul, 2014

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