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By Rohima

West Midlands, United Kingdom Gb

Can any one please advise me on how to turn pictures around when putting them on the sight. I am on the first rung of the learning ladder. Thank you.



I think you have to turn the photo around before you upload it onto the site.

If the picture is on your computer the you can right hand click on it and a menu drops down. On that its says rotate clockwise, Rotate counter clockwise.
This works for me and im using Windows XP. NOt sure if this applies to other windows.. anyone else know?

What windows are you using?

10 Jun, 2010


Hi Rohima, I think you would be better off turning them 'before' you upload them. ie. using Windows photo viewer. Good luck with it.


10 Jun, 2010


I took the photo's with my mobile phone then down loaded them on to the laptop, which is a Dell. That's all i can tell you. Will have a little try and if not successful i will wait until my daughter in law comes back from her week end break and ask her to show me. I must come over as such an air head.

10 Jun, 2010


Don't worry about it Rohima, we all have different levels of skill in all different fields. I have to ask what every plant in my new garden is, as I don't know! Lol

10 Jun, 2010


Oh Rohima, don't knock yourself I'm often in the same boat, you will get there in the end. I write instructions down then can't read my own writing. ! LOL

10 Jun, 2010


Thank you all so much for the encouragement. It really means a lot and helps.

10 Jun, 2010


One thing we don't do here Rohima is laugh or look down on anyone. We really are like one big happy family! :~))

10 Jun, 2010

How do I say thanks?

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