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I have a HUGE poppy in my garden much larger than all the has now opened but looks nothing like a poppy flower but very much like my peony in the next bed. Beautiful lilac colour and am wondering if this is normal (obviously not much of a gardener myself!) Many thanks



any chance of a photo Natasha69? There are many different species of poppy so it could still be one.

10 Jun, 2010


could be pattys plum, thats a lovely one..

10 Jun, 2010


My garden was invaded one year by giant double purple poppies. I concluded that they were some sort of common weed-like poppy!

The flower did look a bit like a peony come to think of it.

11 Jun, 2010


It sounds like an opium poppy , I have the red and pinky red ones but there are darker shades.I look on it as a wild poppy it self seeds and pops up all over the garden,it can be dormant some years and then just reappears in the oddest places,it is a nice one.

11 Jun, 2010


Thanks very much..have nowwposted a couple of pictures of the poppy/peony..what do you think?

14 Jun, 2010

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